$ 45.00

The hunt begins July 1st.

Fontenelle Supply Co. presents an actual treasure hunt. We put a key in a box and buried it no more than 10 miles from the shop. The key unlocks our treasure hunting display case here at the shop. Find the box, bring back the key and everything in the display case is yours.

Everything you need to find the treasure is included in this treasure hunting kit.

  • Bandana with a screen printed map
  • Leather bandana bolo
  • Opinel pocket knife
  • Field Notes notebook
  • "Flashlight"
  • Codes, clues and ciphers.
  • Leather bag with $100 in gold coins
  • The Fertility Idol. Serves as a lifetime 15% off coupon for anything in the shop. No limits. No expiration. 15% off. Forever.
  • A Filson Field Watch

Available while supplies last. Proof of purchase necessary to claim reward.